Why Our Clients Like Us

Just over three years ago, I hit rock bottom at 327lbs. I remember questioning "if" I could ever be a normal, healthy guy. I was alwaystired, and always sick. I had convinced myself that I was content, onlythe truth was… I was miserable, just too afraid to say it.

Finally, I reached my breaking point… and decided to make a change!

Mark was there for me from the beginning, and helped get me on the right path. He did an amazing job during my screenings, of balancing the severity of my health, while providing me some much needed encouragement and guidance so I could improve it!

Our conversations on nutrition & exercise, were really invaluable over the course of my transformation. Suddenly, my health screenings became something that I looked forward too!

Today, I’m proud to say that I’m healthy & fit, having lost more than 120lbs!

Mark and others from Health Coaches, Inc., have played a pivotal role in helping me with my success, and the level of appreciation I have for them, isn’t something that can be measured on a scale.
-Satisfied Client from Bangor, ME

Over the past 5 years Health Coaches has visited WABI TV5's Bangor campus to help facilitate our staffs wellness goals and initiatives. It is always a joy to see Mark and Susan in the building. Not only does everyone, literally everyone, enjoy their personalities, but also the guidance, motivation, and respect the coaches provide. Those of us at the station who've been around a while have even developed very comfortable relationships with coaches.

The staff at Health Coaches works with each individual to set realistic goals and challenges based on their lifestyle. I am in the second trimester of my second pregnancy. Each pregnancy I have trusted the integrity of Health Coaches President Mark Holmes to tell him this information before I would normally feel comfortable announcing. I know all of the staff at Health Coaches is looking to promote a healthy and safe lifestyle for people at any stage of their life, and with the knowledge of my pregnancy could create more realistic goals and challenges for me this year.

Mark also gave me the challenge, after my first pregnancy, to lead an even healthier lifestyle, and not let the challenges of becoming a new mommy hinder the opportunities to continue exercising and eating healthy. Thanks to Mark, I have found new and exciting ways to include my little girl in these activities. She's only 16 months, but you should see her Zumba!

Fellow co-workers have expressed their discomfort with discussing wellness and, more specifically, weight and weight loss with wellness coaches in the past. Expressing their concern with a lack of understanding from the coach. These co-workers, myself included, have found Health Coaches to be promoters of positive lifestyle and really work to improve self-esteem. This is huge. A person must feel that someone has their back, and Health Coaches has an ear for listening, a hand for helping, and a shoulder to cry on when you need it.

I trust Health Coaches. They are truly looking out for me and the rest of their clients. I know they are not only available at the station once a year, but also through email, through their new website, and, in previous years, through guidance on their wellness packets. No matter what they are there for me. I appreciate this, and I know so many others do too.
- Happy Client from Bangor, ME

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