Additional Health Coaching Services in Portland, Yarmouth & Scarborough, ME & Surrounding Areas

The success of an employer-based wellness program ultimately depends on providing ongoing tools to help people make lifestyle changes.

The Health Coaches proactive approach to workplace wellness emphasizes prevention and good health promotion. For those companies that understand that keeping employees healthy is good business, Health Coaches can provide a variety of services to bring employees to the next level of wellness.

We can offer a full range of onsite fitness programs taught by experienced, certified professionals, including:

  • Yoga classes
  • Group fitness classes
  • Personal training
  • Massage therapy

Health Coaches will work with companies to create exciting wellness program "kick offs" to all your potential participants. We'll also plan and coordinate a company Health Fair.

Health Coaches can also identify, train, support, and empower a company Wellness Team.

And if your business has thought about investing in an onsite fitness center, Health Coaches has extensive experience consulting on the design and equipment needs of such facilities. We can staff your fitness center, as well.