Need someone to help you on your fitness journey?

Need someone to help you on your fitness journey?

Turn to Health Coaches for personal training services located in Portland, Yarmouth & Scarborough, ME & surrounding areas

We're called Health Coaches because our emphasis is on helping you preserve and optimize your health. Our goal is to provide a superior, safe, customized health and fitness regimen, devised by the area's best-trained, most respected trainers.

Regardless of age, body type or fitness level, you will benefit from a customized program at Health Coaches. If your goals are as ambitious as training for a marathon or as modest as regaining flexibility, whether you need injury rehabilitation or sports-specific training, Health Coaches will help you achieve results.

In a private consultation, you and your trainer will analyze your lifestyle, your exercise and medical history, diet and nutrition concerns, your specific goals and objectives and your motivation levels. Based on this information, your trainer will devise a program that is yours alone. We don't work from a template. You are unique, and your Health Coaches program is uniquely yours.

For more information or if you're ready to make a change in your lifestyle that will have lasting results, please contact Susan at or at 207-749-9442.