Health Screenings in Portland, Yarmouth & Scarborough, ME & surrounding areas

Health Screenings in Portland, Yarmouth & Scarborough, ME & surrounding areas

Studies show that work absences cost U.S. employers an estimated 17 percent of payroll costs - a number that can make the difference between profit and loss for businesses. The reasons people are absent from work usually have something to do with health. And, with the cost of maintaining employee benefit programs skyrocketing, organizations are taking a cue from Ben Franklin that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Employers are placing new emphasis on keeping employees healthier to prevent medical problems. Programs designed to help employees quit smoking, lower stress or lose weight have long been a staple of work site health promotion. Reducing health risks is an important key to containing health care costs. But the success of a health assessment program depends on providing the tools to help people make lifestyle changes.

Health Coaches worksite screening programs - all performed by state-certified staff members - are grounded in science, but offer more: They are personalized, easy to understand and make sense. Health Coaches brings the screening lab onsite to offer:

Biometric Screening

The first step is to determine your organization's "health readiness" through employee biometric screening - a short health examination that determines the risk level of a person for certain diseases and medical conditions. As a state-certified clinical laboratory, Health Coaches can provide biometric measures including:

  • Fasting and non-Fasting cholesterol screenings
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose levels
  • Percent body fat
  • Height and weight measurements
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Bone density
  • Sun exposure
  • A1c/Glycated hemoglobin
  • Postural assessments
  • Functional strength and flexibility screenings
  • Diet analysis
  • Meal planning

Unlike many other such screenings, Health Coaches provides results within 10 minutes. We'll have a confidential consultation with each employee to review the screenings and identify any health problems or risks.

Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire

A health risk assessment is a questionnaire developed to give your employees an overview of their health risks and strengths. It asks about such topics as diet, frequency of exercise, family history, safety and other risk factors. After completing the health risk assessment, employees will receive a confidential report detailing the employee's health risks and strengths and provide concrete, doable suggestions for healthier living.

Based on an analysis of the screenings and risk assessment questionnaires, Health Coaches creates customized wellness programs - for both the individual employee and for the company as a whole - to address the health issues that may have been discovered. Health Coaches can continue to track trends and outcomes, and prepare onsite seminars health and wellness topics specific to your company.